Thursday, March 01, 2007

Outreach-Books 3:30 today in the Auditorium & Art Show

3:30 today in the Library's Auditorium you might want to find out about multiple ways of finding books for your research projects: the SOUTHcat catalog, of course, but also; Google Books; Online Books Page and many others. Hey, I know that journal and magazine are sooo easy to get to through our databases (and I'll talk about those in April) but books are still one of the most useful and efficient ways of deriving information and knowledge in this handy, compact, beautiful little package.

I also just got this email from the Dean's Office so after the Outreach, head to the third floor gallery and check out your faculty member's art works:
"2007 Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition

The Visual Arts Faculty of the University of South Alabama will present the 2007 Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition. The exhibit features artwork in a wide range of materials and disciplines including painting, printmaking, graphic design, ceramics, sculpture, drawing and photography. Also, Poets & Artists, a collaboration of emerging artists and poets from the Creative Writing and the Visual Arts Departments will be presented. The exhibit will be on display in the University Library Third Floor Gallery from March 1 - May 11. The public is invited to attend the opening reception Friday, March 23, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

The 2007 Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition artists include: Jeremy Colbert, Claire Evangelista, Diane Gibbs, Matthew Johnson, Marvin Kendrick, David McCann, Catherine McLeod, Phillipe Oszuscik, Walter Simon, Larry B. Simpson, Benjamin J. Shamback, Margarita Skiadas, Rachel Wright, Tony Wright and Kyeong-Won Youn.

For more information, contact Ben Shamback at (251) 261-1448 or email at"

Friday, February 23, 2007

Oscar Weekend and TV Online from Around the World and Movie in the Library

For Oscar weekend: this is the most important database for anyone who has any interest in movies, actors, directors, gaffers, best boys, caterers and all those others listed in the never ending credits. The International Movie DataBase or The answers to most movie trivia can be found here.
This site provides links to a selection of "free online TV channels from around the world." Organized by language. Listings link directly to the programming, and indicate which media player is necessary to view the content. Provided by a software company.
(from Librarian's Internet Index's weekly update)

This came from Mary Ann Graham in Library Circulation Dept:
Join Us in Celebrating Black History Month at the University of South Alabama Library

Date: Sunday, February 25, 2007
Time: 7:00pm
Place: University of South Alabama Library Auditorium
Movie: The Bingo Long Travaling All-Stars & Motor Kings
Directed by: John Badham

Tired of being treated like a slave by team owner Sallison Potter (Ted Ross), charismatic star pitcher Bingo Long (Billy Dee Williams) steals a bunch of Negro League players away from their teams, including catcher/slugger Leon Carter (James Earl Jones) and Charlies Snow( aka "Carlos Nevada" and "Chief Takahoma", played by Richard Pryor, as a player forever trying to break into the segregated Major League baseball of the 1930's by masquerading as first a Cuban, than a Native American). They take to the road, barnstorming through small Midwestern towns, playing the local teams to make ends meet. One of the opposing players, 'Esquire' Joe Callaway (Stan Shaw), is so good that the recruit him.

Bingo's team becomes so outlandishly entertaining and successful, it begins to cut into the attendance of the established Negro League teams. Finally, Bingo's nemesis Potter is forced to propose a winner-take-all game: if Bingo's team can beat a bunch of all-stars, it can join the league, but if it loses, the players will return to their old teams.

Ironically, there is a Major League scout in the audience. After the game, he offers Esquire Joe (a thinly-veiled Jackie Robinson) the chance to break the color barrier; with Bingo's permission he accepts.

This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Laissez le Bon Temps Roulez

For writers who want to be humbled [yeah, right] this web app is the one to do it. It's from this week's Research Buzz. Enter a URL to a piece of writing or cut and paste a piece of text into its box and it will analyze it in weird ways. What are your favorite 3 word clich├ęs? What is the reading level of your writing? Other bizarre info. "Word, sentence and paragraph count, collocations, syllable structure, lexical density, keywords, readability and a short abstract on what the given text is about." It can be humbling; take my word.

Glory, the movie, is going to be shown on Sunday night at 7:00 P.M. in the Library Auditorium in a series sponsored by the folks at the Circulation Desk for Black History Month. Free and open to anyone. This came from Mary Ann Graham of the wonderful Circulation staff.

I'll be back after the good times have rolled by--next week. Have a great Mardi Gras.

P.S. If you have an advanced reader copies or review copies of books appropriate for kids and juveniles [alleged delinquent-type] read this article. I have been going to New Orleans fairly frequently and will be glad to deliver any new books you might wish to donate. js

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Top 100 Alternative Search Engines

This is from Marylaine Block's Neat New Stuff and ExLibris (Subscribe here)
I'm working my way through them. but you have to try the Ms Dewey Search Engine for an experience you have never had with a search engine or a librarian before. Very Interesting! Be patient, it takes a minute to load and retrieve results, but the wait is not like any other you've experienced. Now we need a male version.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Academic Research Center aka Computer Lab in the Univ. Library

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"--a computer lab in the Library! Room 128, just inside the west[lakeside] doors opened today as the Academic Research Center [ARC] with 14 computers loaded with Word, Powerpoint, Excel, CD/DVD read-only drives, Quicktime, Flash, Windows Media Player. Bring your own headphones if you want audio. Thank Dr. Covey & Library Systems & Admin. for now being able to finish and print your papers in the Library, or print your instructor's ppt slides, or use your text's DVD to study. "He chortled in his joy."

"Beware the Jabberwock": it is only for USA students with a student ID. Two hour limit. No food or drink. Rebooting erases everything. All printing goes to the TRACcard printers in "the pit" and cost 10¢ a page. js

Friday, February 09, 2007

Photoshop Envy?

I got this tip from Poynteronline's Web Tips. Photoshop is great if you can afford it. The web has some free utilities that let you do many of the things you can do in Photoshop--adjust contrast, saturation, reduce red eye, crop, etc. -- AND they are free.
I tried the first one on this list, and it works really well. I upload my photo; 'shopped it; saved it back to my desktop quickly. Try it with your digital photos and voila! You might have banished your Photoshop envy forever.

If you want to get these kinds of tip in your own email, go here js

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Feb. Government Docs and Spring Newsletter

HOT DOCS for a cold Feb. Day
Vickey Baggott, in the Documents Dept., invites you to check out the new HOT DOCS at USA page and discover newly acquired documents for perusing on a cold winter's day."

And Jan Sauer invites you to peruse the latest University Library Newsletter.