Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Person and Historical Photos

There are lots of places to share photos on the web. Flikr is probably the most famous. But this one is kind of intriquing. MSNBC puts out a call for photos of certain things and stories that are of interest. The station might use your photo and story on the air. Got a great Spring Break picture? That seems to be on the call list, as are motorcycle pictures, Will Smith look-alike photos and quirky American landmarks and people. I haven't tried sending a picture yet, so I don't know what is involved.

Here's another photo site. This one has pictures from 100 or so years ago. Ran across one taken in Mobile about the turn of the century. Also links to other sites that have photos and ads from previous eras.

Both of thse are from the latest Marylaine Block's Neat New Stuff.

And here's one for you to post that photo of you taken on the day when your hair is perfect, your clothes are clean and you look like a Gap, Target or iTunes ad. It's called Looking Real Good and is for regular people (which seems to mean the under 35, fairly techy crowd). Where else can you do this and be one of the cool people.

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