Friday, February 22, 2008

Sell by, Best if used before, Expiration date

Sorry, it has been over a week since the last post. Guess I was having too much fun being a librarian!

From the last weekly email by Marylaine Block [She's going strictly to the web] comes this link to the U.S. Government blog which is both readable (surprised) and most useful. I didn't know till a few months ago that diet drinks have a very short shelflife. This website elucidates the different messages marked on grocery products and actually has a "Cold Storage Chart" on how long one can actually keep refrigerated or frozen foods. And another strangely entitled "Foods Purchased Refrigerated."

I'm not sure that after looking at these charts that there is anything in my freezer or pantry that won't kill me. Frozen hotdogs-2 months! Canned tomato soup-18 months! And that aerosol can of real whipped cream. C'mon--tell me you haven't secretly done tongue-shots of whipped cream for months after the use-by date!

Another site to peruse this weekend from Marylaine Block:
"Consolidating the vast amount of 'Strange Stuff' out there into 1 easy
to use place. Haunted buildings, places, Urban legends, cemeteries, weird
places, cool places, ghost towns, and anything else that is worth your
time to visit." Click on a state and then browse by town name or by type
of weirdness; you'll get descriptions of the incidents, soe with links to
news stories."

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