Friday, March 14, 2008

Everyday Sociology Blog

The weekly Scout Report just came through my email. It always introduces interesting websites. This one grabbed me, probably because I've lately been thinking about how most of our "common-sense" assumptions so often turn out to be wrong (e.g. Eliot Spitzer, Geraldine Ferraro, etc). I particularly liked the one [March 7th] about how students decide where to sit in a classroom. js

Everyday Sociology
When some people think about sociology, they might think about Max Weber, …mile[sic] Durkheim, and Manuel Castells. The witty, irreverent, and very insightful sociologists at Everyday Sociology consider those esteemed scholars, but they also examine social dynamics on airplanes, Asian American voters, and the world of celebrity. The Everyday Sociology weblog is edited by sociologist Karen Sternheimer, and her contributors include a wide range of practicing sociologists. Visitors to the site can scroll through recent entries and also browse several categories, which include crime and deviance, sex and gender, social psychology, and popular culture and consumption. Also, users may wish to look through the archives, which date back to June 2007. Along with being eminently readable, the site also includes teaching activities and video interviews. [KMG]

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