Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New vending machines!

In order to respond to the closure of the student center, we have installed 3 vending machines outside the library - 2 Pepsi machines and a snack machine. In conjunction with this, we have updated the library's food and drink policy:

Food and Drink Guidelines
University Library, University of South Alabama
The goals of the University Library include providing a comfortable and inviting study atmosphere for our library users and also protecting the Library’s collections, equipment, and furnishings.
The University Library allows the consumption of snack food and non-alcoholic beverages under the following conditions:
• Snack food and drinks are only allowed in library study areas.
ALLOWED: SNACK FOOD = chips, nuts, pretzels, cookies and other pre- packaged items.
NOT ALLOWED: pizza, burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads, etc.
• Use sturdy, “spill-proof” containers to minimize damage to Library resources and facilities.
• Dispose of any food and drink-related trash properly.
• Please report any spill to Library staff immediately so the spill can be cleaned ASAP.
1. The delivery of food to the Library for library users is prohibited.
2. Eating and drinking are NOT permitted at or near:
• Computer workstations
• Media equipment
• Printers or photocopiers
• Aisles and stacks where books are shelved
3. Eating and drinking are NOT permitted in the ARC Computer Lab.
We expect that you will make every effort to accept the responsibility that these guidelines allow. Your recognition and acceptance will minimize enforcement problems and will make the Library a more comfortable and productive place for everyone. Your cooperation will also ensure the full use and enjoyment of our resources and facilities for all current and future users.
If you fail to follow these guidelines and limitations, you will be asked to conform or leave the Library. Additional sanctions may be imposed on repeat offenders.

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