Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Katrina Aniversary and Hot Docs for the Month

Yesterday's event, a sharing of Katrina experiences, went well. I even have 15 seconds of fame captured on the FOX 10 website today. Missed it last night. In bed by 9:30. Nice clip, but who is that old lady in the turquoise jacket? js

Vickey Baggott, Government Documents Librarian, has sent her monthly "Hot Docs."


Welcome to the Fall Semester at USA. These new government publications and video are available in the Government Documents Department located on the 2nd floor, South of the University Library. Come check us out and have a great year!

Funding Education Beyond High School : the Guide to Federal Student Aid. Dept. of Education, Federal Student Aid, 2006. ED1.45/7:2006/07. A comprehensive resource on student financial aid, through grants, loans, and work-study, available from the U.S. Department of Education's Federal Student Aid office.

Youth Helping America : Educating for Active Citizenship : Service-Learning, School-Based Service and Youth Civic Engagement / authors, Kimberly Spring, Nathan Dietz, Robert Grimm, Jr. Corporation for National & Community Service, 2006. Y3.N21/29:2Y8. Takes a look at the 38 percent of students nationwide who have participated in school-based service as part of school activity or requirement and constructs a Service Quality Index that rates school-based service based on the level of high-quality service-learning elements that are incorporated into it.

When your brain begins to frazzle from course work and other college pressures, check out this DVD and unwind. Lifelines : Your National Forest Roads / produced by the USDA Forest Service in partnership with the USDOT FHWA Federal Lands Highway Program. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center, 2006.
A13.140:L62/DVD. Explores the relationship between people (the USDA Forest Service, Federal Lands Highway Administration, and state and local communities) and the land (our national forests) past, present and future. vb

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