Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Orleans and Libraries

If you watched the Spike Lee documentary on Katrina last night (actually half of it), the other half is tonight, you are probably feeling as depressed as I am this morning. I love New Orleans and to know what it used to be and where it is now is so disheartening. But I checked my email after watching this show and found that my kids, who live in N.O.. sent me this website with the perfect N.O. title. Boozocracy.org. Two guys, academics, have put out a challenge to the world for donations needed to build a public library in mid-city (this is also where my kids live, so I am over-determined, as they say, to contribute.) $1,000,000 by January 1st, 2007. Can they do it? Can you help?

When the Levees Broke: http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/whentheleveesbroke/index.html
Boozocracy.org: http://boozocracy.org/

For a USA Library note: Kathy Wheeler and I have mounted the SciFinder Scholar, the chemistry database, application and preferences needed to run it on a Macintosh running OS X. (The PC version has been available under SciFinder Scholar on the Articles, Indexes, Databases page under S.) You must login with your usual library login to access the zipped files. They can then be installed on a computer with an IP address on campus. No personal iBooks unless they are attached via an ethernet to a static IP address. Instructor Macs and lab desktop Macs can be configured following the instructions included. Need help? Call the library.

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