Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where Were You on August 29th 2005

We're running a DVD created by the Meteorology Dept about the storm and its aftermath, a video about Katrina [I haven't looked at yet], and about 140 photos donated by students, faculty and staff --in the Library Auditorium today. About 80 photos are from Keith Helton who flew his ultralight plane over Dauphin Island and Bayou La Batre on August 30th, 2005.

From 2:00 till 5:00 there will be an open mike for anyone who would like to talk about their experience during Katrina and after. A good time to vent about whatever you want. Or come and listen to how Katrina changed the lives of a lot of those around you everyday. One year later--often no house, families scattered, no insurance check and a wholly different landscape to see everyday. Don't think that this is minor inconvenience--it's life-altering, and needs to be acknowledged by the members of this academic community, if we are to be called a community at all!

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